Managing your positions in TradeStops can be easy. What’s best is that there are multiple ways to organize and manage them. By doing so, you’ll better be able to know exactly how your stocks and options are performing.

Let’s get started!

Accessing Positions

In the top black menu bar of TradeStops, click Positions and Alerts.

Click Positions and Alerts

This will display a list of all your positions. To ensure that you are on the positions tab, make sure there is a blue line under the word “positions.”

Organizing Made Easy

Organizing the data on this page is easy. Don’t believe us? Try clicking one of the column titles. You will see the data change automatically. For example, if you click the Symbol column title, all your positions will be alphabetically organized.

Column titles

If you click Symbol again, it will be in descending order.

The best part is that you can do this with any of the column titles. This is especially useful if you are looking for specific information, such as which of your positions are in the Green SSI or which positions have had the best latest close price.

How else can I manage my positions from this page?

Another great way to manage your positions is by status. This will group your positions based on certain criteria, such as if your positions have problems, if your alert has been triggered, and more.

In the upper left corner of the positions page, there is a status drop-down section. Just click that drop-down, and a list of options will appear.

Status drop-down

To group your positions based on something that interests you, simply click the option from the drop-down. Two of the most important options are triggered alerts and positions with issues.

Positions with Issues

Once you click positions with errors, the list of positions will appear that have problems. To the left of your position name, you’ll see a red caution triangle.

Red triangle

Hover your mouse over the red triangle to see what is wrong with the position. We will provide a helpful link to guide you how to solve the problem.

If you do not see red triangles, this means that all your positions are functioning as they should. You have nothing to worry about!

Triggered Alerts

If you click the triggered alerts option, you’ll see which of your positions have triggered alerts. They will all have purple bells.

Purple bell

It can be a good idea to check on these positions since your alert has been triggered. Based on your alert, you might want to act on these positions soon.

Is there any other way to organize data?

You can also organize your data based on views. In the upper right corner of the positions page, you’ll see your custom views. These can be edited to include more columns of data or fewer columns of data on the positions page.

Just click the edit pencil next to your view name to edit it.


Green check marks mean that you are including those columns. White boxes mean you aren’t including that data. You can read more about creating and editing custom views here.

Try Organizing your Data Today

Organizing positions in TradeStops can help you be more successful with your stock and option management. So… before 2017 ends, login to TradeStops and try organizing your positions today. It only takes a few moments, and you’ll be happy with what you find.

To your success,
Customer Success Team