The new year brings new resolutions-get healthier, lose weight, spend more time with the family, make more money. While we cannot improve your health, trim your waistline, or create more free time for you to spend with the family, we can help you with your investments. This is done by fully utilizing the suite of tools we have developed here at TradeStops so you can make more and risk less.

TradeStops provides several ways to answer any questions you have about getting the most out of your subscription. You can call the customer service center, use the chat feature, or send an email using Usersnap!

Our useful Help Center can also answer many of your questions with just a few simple clicks.

Accessing the Help Center in TradeStops is easy.

1. After logging into the program, locate your name in the top right of the program. It will say “Hi, (your name).” In this case, we will use “Hi, Beverly” as an example.


2. Directly to the left of “Hi, Beverly,” you will notice the word “Help.” This is our Help Center. If you have your screen minimized, it may just look like a soccer ball.


3. Clicking the word “Help” will bring you to the home page of the Help Center.


Our Help Center will open as a new window. When you are done using the Help Center, simply close the page, and you will be brought back to your TradeStops program.

How do I navigate the Help Center?

There are several options available for navigating the Help Center.

  • Use the topic guidelines on the top of the page
  • Use the search bar
  • Watch a webinar


Topic Guidelines

The topic guidelines can be found at the top of the page in the Help Center. They have trigger words to guide you to the answer you are looking for. If you hover over one of these words, more topics will display to help guide you to your answer. Simply click on the subject that interests you, and the Help Center will direct you there.


Use the Search Bar


ProductFeat2017_Jan12_06.png(Click to view full image)
Please note that you can access the search bar from anywhere in the Help Center. It will be on the top of the page and look like a long, white oval with a blue magnifying glass.


Watch a Webinar

From the home page in the Help Center, click on the blue ball that says “Webinars.”


A new page will display. On the right side of the page, click Previous Webinars. This will bring up all of the webinars the Help Center contains.

ProductFeat2017_Jan12_09.png(Click to view full image)

Once you have the list of webinars pulled up, you can select a topic that interests you and watch the video. You’ll want to have a pen and notepad to take notes to increase your understanding of the TradeStops system.

Make the Help Center your New Year’s Resolution

Of those Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions, only 9.2% will achieve their resolution. Don’t be part of the statistic! Use the Help Center to improve your understanding of the TradeStops program, and make more while risking less in 2017.

To New Year’s Resolutions,
Customer Success Team