This past week has been an interesting one in the markets. Boeing was downgraded, causing a ripple effect across other airline stocks. The U.S.-EU clash led to a disturbance in the markets. But the minutes from the Federal Reserve meeting helped the futures markets early Wednesday. The intra-day movements could cause many investors to fear the worst. And, indeed, we did see some fear, as the VIX (the CBOE volatility index) see-sawed throughout the week.

But, as TradeSmith subscribers know, volatility is normal in the markets, and we can expect stocks to move within a certain percentage up or down on a regular basis.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice to see which stocks we can expect to remain bullish or turn bearish ahead of Wall Street news? With our latest update to our LikeFolio integration, you can do just that. LikeFolio makes predictions about whether a stock will be bullish, bearish, or neutral based on main street (social media) news. Our update separates these ratings out, making the data even easier for you to quickly analyze.
Let’s see how it works.

Ideas by TradeSmith

You’ll find LikeFolio ratings scattered throughout the site. We’ll cover each place to find them in Ideas by TradeSmith below. Please keep in mind that you need a LikeFolio subscription to see this information.

Position Card Page

Throughout Ideas, ticker symbols are hyperlinked. If you click on any hyperlinked ticker, you’ll jump to the Position Card Page. (You can also get to the Position Card Page by searching for a ticker.)

Under the Ideas tab on the Position Card Page, you’ll find the strategies and recommendations that your ticker symbol meets.

ticker strategy and recommendation example

In the example above, we can see that the ticker has earned a LikeFolio bearish rating. So, if we were only looking for bullish stocks, this one might not be the best for us right now.


You can also sort LikeFolio results in the Newsletters area. Click the drop-down box to see the list of available newsletters. You can further delve into LikeFolio by clicking the small drop-down triangle to the left of the newsletter name.

LikeFolio list

Now, you can select which stocks you’d like to see. These can be Bearish, Bullish, Neutral, or Not Determined. From there, you can select which strategies you’d like to filter the stocks by and calculate your results. It’s a great way to find strong stocks, even in an uncertain market.

Stock Finder

The last place you’ll find the new LikeFolio update is in the Stock Finder. If you turn your newsletter recommendation filter on, a drop-down box will appear.

Click inside that box, and you can edit the newsletters that you analyze.

LikeFolio in the Stock Finder

If you click the small drop-down triangle to the left of the LikeFolio name, the recommendation status options will appear. You can click the white boxes to the left of the status to select them. From there, you can complete your Stock Finder analysis to find great stocks based on your own ideas.


Just like with Ideas by TradeSmith, there are multiple locations where you can find the LikeFolio recommendations throughout the site.

Position Card Page

In TradeStops, you can find the Position Card Page by clicking on a ticker from the Positions and Alerts tab. From there, you’ll find several tabs to analyze. If you click the Ideas tab (Ideas by TradeSmith subscription required), you’ll see the strategies and recommendations that your position meets.

TradeStops strategy and recommendations

Previously, we simply listed if a position was part of LikeFolio analysis. Now, we’ve taken it a step further. You’ll now see, at a glance, if the position is Bearish, Bullish, Neutral, or Not Determined based on their analysis.


As many of you know, TradeStops can integrate with your newsletters. Previously, our integration with LikeFolio simply listed all the stocks they had data on. The list was long, and sorting through which stocks were bullish or bearish, for example, wasn’t an easy process.

Now, we have separated the LikeFolio data based on Bearish, Bullish, Neutral, or Not Determined.

LikeFolio newsletter

The added organization can help you find individual stocks that might work for you. Beyond that, you could even add all the resulting stocks as a Watch Portfolio to complete further research later.

Pure Quant

The Pure Quant tool in TradeStops can help you build a risk-balanced portfolio that also meets very strict requirements. These requirements are:

  • The stock is in the SSI Green Zone
  • Not trading at a loss since SSI Entry
  • Has an Average VQ below 40%
  • Has a daily trading volume of 100,000+

You can run the Pure Quant tool on your personal portfolios and even your newsletters. This is where LikeFolio comes into play.

LikeFolio inside Pure Quant

When you make your selection from the Pure Quant drop-down box, you can select one of the various LikeFolio options. This way, you add to the selection criteria to help you find the best stocks for you as you’re building a brand-new portfolio.

Bulletin Board

It’s the season of IPOs. With big names like Lyft and Uber in the mix, it can be easy to be swayed into buying the trade. After all, many of us use these up-and-coming technologies on a regular basis. But, this IPO party might not be all it’s cracked up to be. It has some interesting parallels to what we saw back in 1999.

If you’re looking for more training on our programs, make sure to review our webinar pages. Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud have put together some great training programs.

In addition to finding past webinars on those pages, you’ll also find upcoming webinars.

Signing off

The latest LikeFolio update makes it even easier to find potentially bullish or bearish stocks ahead of Wall Street news. The best part is you can find this information all throughout our sites with just a few clicks. It’s that easy. Even when the markets are up and down through the week, you have the data at your fingertips to see what might be coming for various stocks ahead of time.

If you have any questions about LikeFolio and our products, please let us know. We’re always happy to help and can be reached at [email protected]. Normally, we’ll get back to you within one to two business days.


TradeSmith Customer Success Team