Following the portfolios of high-profile billionaire investors just got a lot easier. Now, TradeStops lets you choose among some of the world’s richest investors and greatest trading gurus. You can also set up watch lists to track them inside the newest addition to TradeStops Newsletter section – the all-new Billionaires Club.

We’re very excited to welcome the thousands of new TradeStops members who just signed on with us last week. Welcome to your first installment of “The Monday Educational.”

The Monday Educational is designed to take you through different features of the website and help you get a greater understanding of how to use all the amazing tools inside TradeStops.

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Today we’re going to give you a close-up of the Billionaires Club.

The Billionaires Club allows you to peek inside the portfolios and see the stocks that some of the world’s richest investors are buying and own. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to hold their stocks forever. But why not leverage their vast resources and research arms to help you find your next “great idea.”

Believe it or not, we think you can adapt these same stocks to your investing strategy. There’s no reason you can’t manage them differently and, in many cases, more profitably than the billionaires.

Accessing the Billionaires Club portfolios is done through the Newsletter tab at the top of the TradeStops page. (The Billionaires Club is available at the lifetime subscription level, but you can use these same steps to build watch portfolios from investors you are following.)

Billionaires Club

Then just click on the “TradeStops Billionaires Club” link and you’ll see all 14 billionaire investors lined up on the left side of the page.


Let’s choose Warren Buffett and look at his portfolio.


The information presented here is displayed in two separate sections. The first section includes the information from the SEC Form 13F filing. This includes the stock ticker, stock name, whether there was any change in ownership, the date of the latest report, the entry price of the stock, the latest close of the stock, and how many shares he owns.

The second section includes the TradeStops tools, including the Volatility Quotient (VQ), Stock State Indicator (SSI) Stop price, and the current green/yellow/red SSI zone.

Buffett currently owns 47 different stocks. It would be easier to work with these if they were in a separate portfolio. And that’s really easy to set up.

Just click on the green “Add as Watch Portfolio” button at the top of the screen and a new Watch portfolio will be created and all of the stocks will automatically be added to the portfolio.


You can now click on the portfolio and it will take you to the “Positions and Alerts” page. From there, you might want to add SSI Alerts to each position. It’s easy to do. Just click the check box at the top left and all of the individual boxes will then be checked.


Next, click on “Add Alert” and then click on the dropdown box until “Stock State Indicator” appears. Just click on the “Add” button to set up alerts for every stock in the Warren Buffett portfolio.


There are a handful of positions that don’t have SSI alerts available. You can go in and individually add the alert that you feel is most appropriate for the position, i.e. “VQ Alert” or a “% Trailing Stop Alert.”

And now you can follow Warren Buffett’s stock picks and receive notifications when there’s a change in the condition of one of his stocks.

We’ll have more of these types of articles in the future. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Success team.

Tom Meyer
Education Director, TradeStops