At TradeStops, we are always striving to improve our stock positions tracking system for your use. After the release of our updated Position Card Page, we asked for your feedback in a survey. Many of you asked for the ability to expand the chart. You also asked for the ability to quickly switch between positions for convenience.

We have done both for you! Now, let’s see how to access these features today.

Accessing the Position Card Page

To access the expand chart and position switching feature, you must first select one of your positions from your portfolio. This is done by going to the Positions & Alerts page and clicking on one of the ticker symbols.

Once you click on the ticker symbol, the Position Card Page will be displayed.

Stock Positions

It is important to note the new layout of this page. We no longer show you the ticker symbol in the top middle part of the page. It is now located on the far left side of the page. Just keep this in mind as you are navigating the updated page. The same rule applies when you expand your chart. Your active position will always be displayed on the left side of the screen.

Expanding the Chart & Switching Positions

The expand chart feature is in the upper right hand corner above your chart. It looks like two arrows pointing away from each other.


You need only click on the arrows to make the chart expand. Once you click it, the chart will expand to fill your computer screen. This will make it much easier to read the data on the screen.

Making the Chart Small Again

To make the chart small again, you will click on those arrows again. This time, the arrows will be pointing toward each other. If you ever have trouble locating the arrows, just look for your name in the upper right corner, and then look down. The arrows are below that.


If you don’t see the arrows, try refreshing your Internet page. This will make the chart small again.

Viewing Different Portfolios

If you want to view a different portfolio without going back to the Positions & Alerts page, you can do this in the upper right hand corner. There you will find your portfolio name with a little downward pointing triangle beside it. Click the triangle to switch portfolios. You can also use this area to switch between the positions in your portfolio.


The Previous and Next positions will go in alphabetical order like it used to. You will have a preview of which position is coming up next for your convenience. But don’t worry. You won’t have to click through every single one to find the position you’re looking for…

Quickly Switching Positions

In the upper left hand corner, there is a drop-down box. It will initially display the position that you are currently viewing. If you want to quickly switch to a different position, simply click on the box. The list of positions in your portfolio will display. Just click on a different ticker to switch to it.


Remember, whichever ticker is in the top of the box is your active position; it is the one that you are viewing. This box will always be in the upper left corner of your program. Remember to always look to the left corner if you forget which position you are viewing.

Chart Settings

Another feature on the left side of the page is the settings. To activate this, just click the word “Settings.” This will let you change what indicators you see on your chart. Just as you would on the small chart, you can click the colorful circles to toggle the settings on and off.


If one of the circles is not clickable, you might not have an alert set. For example, a VQ alert is needed to make the VQ setting clickable. If you find that you can’t click one of the circles, try adding an alert to your position. You will then be able to add the setting. You can go here to review Adding Alerts.

Use Chat for Help

There are many new elements to take in with this updated position page. We understand that it could be easy to forget some of the steps-like how to make the chart small again. Our chat agents will be happy to assist you. Once you click the “Online – Chat With Us” button in the bottom right corner of your program, you will be connected to a live chat agent during our business hours Monday – Friday, 9:00-5:00PM Eastern. They can help you with the functionality of the program. Just remember, they can’t make any calculations for you.

Improved Functionality

It is our hope that our improved Position Card Page will assist you as your investments continue during Springtime. The new features will help you more easily visualize your data and quickly navigate through your various positions.

To Your Blooming New Profits,

Customer Success Team