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The weather across the continental United States has been cold. Our mission here at TradeSmith is to help the individual investor, and we have a present that will warm you right up. It’s some tips and tricks for our suite of products. We think you’re really going to like them.

Ideas by TradeSmith

Inside Ideas by TradeSmith, you have likely noticed that the tickers are clickable. If you click on a ticker symbol, you’re brought to the Position Card Page. Something you might not have noticed is the Ideas tab.

Ideas tab on the Position Card Page

Here you can see which strategies match for the ticker you’ve selected. You can also see which of the billionaires we follow recommend the position. This area can be a good place to help you determine if a position is right for you.


Earlier this week, Tom Meyer discussed the importance of monitoring your portfolio. During this current market volatility, it’s vital. TradeStops can help you compare the overall status of your portfolio to major markets. You can do this from the Dashboard.

Simply click the Welcome tab in the top black menu to be brought to the Dashboard. In the center of the screen, you should see a chart.

dashboard chart

At the top of this chart, you can click the drop-down to choose the portfolio you’d like to view. Below that, you can click to select which market you’d like to compare your portfolio to. It’s a great way to see how you’re doing versus the market.

Bulletin Board

As we mentioned, Tom Meyer wrote an excellent article that taught you a technique for monitoring your portfolio during a market downturn. On Dec. 12 at 1 p.m. Eastern, Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud will expound upon this topic. Make sure to register now.

If you subscribe to Crypto by TradeSmith or the CryptoFinder, make sure to review our crypto training videos. They can really help you learn more about navigating the crypto markets.

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