As winter storms cover the U.S., we hope this Insider Update finds you well. While we can’t provide you a warm blanket, we can provide you with a weekly update. We have an exciting enhancement to Ideas by TradeSmith and some fun upcoming events.

Let’s get started.

Ideas by TradeSmith

In Market Health, you can see the current SSI Distribution for numerous markets. It looks like this.

current market SSI distribution

But, wouldn’t it be nice to know how the distribution looked in the past? After all, as philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

That’s why we’ve updated the Market Health tab in Ideas by TradeSmith. On the chart for the markets, you can now see the historical SSI distribution.

historical SSI distribution in Ideas by TradeSmith

When you hover your mouse over the colorful area at the bottom, a small table will appear. It will tell you the percentage of positions in the SSI red, yellow, and green zones at that time. It’s a great way to look back at past market performance to prepare for the future.

So, make sure to log in and check out the newly improved Market Health section.


Many news outlets will tell you what the top investments of the day are. For Fox Business and CNN, it’s their Market Movers. Most of the investments on these lists are ones that you’d know off-hand like Google or Apple or Caterpillar.

Others, like Corning or Nucor or Harris as seen in CNN’s Gainers below, might be a little unfamiliar.

CNN market gainers as of 1/29/19

Let’s say that you’d like to learn more about one of these investments. You’re thinking of adding it to your portfolio. We’ll use NUE as our example. TradeStops can help you start the research process.

Our Stock Analyzer will show you how NUE stands today based on our Stock State Indicator and Volatility Quotient. What’s great is you can look at Nucor’s historical SSI and VQ performance. In the chart settings, make sure that you’ve selected SSI and Historical VQ.

chart settings for Stock Analyzer

Now, when you look at the chart for NUE, you’ll see both the historical SSI and VQ for NUE. Based in part on the past performance, you could decide if the position is right for you.

And, of course, this is just an example; we are by no means recommending NUE or any of the positions found on Fox Business or CNN. TradeSmith provides you with the tools to research new investments. It is ultimately up to you to decide if a position would work for your investment strategy.

Upcoming Events

We’re really excited about our upcoming Bull vs. Bear Summit on Feb. 13. Please see below for all the details you need — and click on the ad to register!

Bull VS Bear Summit

We’ll also be at the Money Show Feb. 7 – 9 in Orlando. This free investing conference can help you hone your investing skills, even in these challenging markets. Make sure to visit us at Booth 307 to talk with our team of experts. You can register for the Money Show here.

Bulletin Board

Yesterday, Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud covered some exciting portfolio management techniques. The new Ideas by TradeSmith data source can help Ideas subscribers build a great portfolio. And, our other data sources can help non-Ideas members build fantastic portfolios, too. You can catch the replay of their webinar here.

This man would be on the Mount Rushmore of investing if there was one. He did more for small investors than any man in history, some could argue. To find out who he is and what he did to help you, read TradeSmith’s editorial.

Signing off

Knowing the history of a market or an investment can help you when deciding your personal investing strategy. If you see something has been performing poorly for the last six months, then maybe it’s not the right position for you to take.

Ideas by TradeSmith can help you see the historic SSI market distribution for various markets. This can help you determine which market is right for you. TradeStops will show you historic SSI and VQ information for individual positions. That can help you determine if a position could be a good fit for your portfolio.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know. We can be reached at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help you.

Until next time,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team