As a TradeStops member, you have a large number of alerts available for your longer-term investing. These include trailing stop alerts, VQ% stop alerts, and the entire suite of SSI alerts.

But did you know TradeStops can also help you set up alerts for your short-term and swing trading?

Here are a few examples. (If you prefer, you may watch a video version of this information.)

This Watch portfolio was set up to follow five high-volume stocks that have been favorites of short-term traders.


For our first example, we want to know when AAPL makes a new monthly high. To do this, go to the Alerts tab, click on Add Alert, and then choose AAPL from the dropdown.

We then want to go to the “Price” alert and this is what you’ll see.


This alert will tell us when AAPL hits a new 1-month high from today’s date. Be sure to click on the “Add Alert” green button to activate this alert.

For the next stock, BABA, we want to know when there is a breakout in the trading volume of the stock.

To set this alert, we go to the Alert tab again, click on “Add Alert”, choose BABA, and then go to the “Vol & MA” alert.

In this example, we want to know when BABA has a day in which the trading volume is 20% or more greater than the average daily volume over the past 50 days.


As you can see, these are very easy to set up.

For our next example, GDX has been strong lately, but with the very recent sell-off in Gold, it has dropped in price. We want to know if/when GDX trades at 15% below its 20 day moving average.

We open the “Alerts” window again and return to the “Vol & MA” tab.


Our next position is NFLX.

This stock has been flat recently and is trading off of its high. It has a current SSI Stop signal in place. We want to know when could be a good time to enter the stock for a short-term trade.

For this, let’s set up a moving average cross alert that will notify us when the 20 day moving average crosses above the 50 day moving average. Again, we go to the “Vol & MA” tab.


For TSLA, let’s do the opposite. Assuming we’re bearish on TSLA, let’s set up a moving average cross alert that will notify us when the 20 day moving average of the stock is trading 2% below the 50 day moving average.


After these alerts have been set up, we can see them under the “Alerts” tab.


These powerful alerts are simple to initiate and are invaluable with your short-term trading. We recommend that you set up some Watch portfolios and look through all of the different alerts to find the ones that fit your trading strategies.

Tom Meyer,
Member Services, TradeStops