Here’s an exciting new release for you…the ability to create a copy of any of your portfolios. Now you will have even more control over your account and investment strategies.

This added feature will allow you to customize your copied portfolios, move positions to different portfolios, run analyses, manually close positions, and much more!

How to make a copy
You can make a copy of your portfolio from the portfolio tab inside the TradeStops program.

The process is simple.

Just click the small triangle to the left of your portfolio’s name & then click Duplicate.

Duplicate portfolio

A new pop-up box will display on your screen as shown below.

duplicate pop-up

You will fill out the information in this box. Make sure that the new name you use is unique so you will remember that it is a copy. You will also have to decide if you want this copied portfolio to be a Watch Only portfolio or an Investment portfolio.

When you are happy with the information that you have entered, click save, and your newly copied portfolio will be made.

Go for it!

Now that you have made your copied portfolio, go ahead and discover all of the available possibilities and freedom that it allows you. Stay tuned for another article that will walk you through some examples about what this new function can do for you.


TradeStops Success Team