At the beginning of October, Tom Meyer wrote about Position Views in TradeStops. These views allow you to analyze your portfolios according to what’s important to you. The information can be invaluable as you traverse the markets.

But, should you have different views for different kinds of portfolios? Tom thinks so!

Let’s discuss what views to set up for a Capital Gains, Income Oriented, and Fundamental Portfolio.

How Do I Set Up a View?

You can create Position Views from the Position tab in TradeStops. Just click on Positions & Alerts (1). Make sure that you are on the Positions tab (2).

Make sure you are on the positions tab

The views are on the right side of this page. You can review how to add a new view here or how to edit a current view here.

What is a Capital Gains Portfolio?

Capital gain is an increase in the value of a capital asset (your portfolio) that will have a higher worth than when you first purchased it. These can be short-term and long-term.

Stocks found in a Capital Gains portfolio could be Blue Chip Stocks.

Which Columns Should I Include in my Capital Gains View?

This is up to you, of course. Tom likes to include a few specific columns. These columns help him see exactly how well (or how poorly) his stocks are performing in the market.

Here is his view for a Capital Gains portfolio.

Capital Gains view

This information makes it easy to visualize how your stocks are doing in the market. For example,
  • Having your Entry Price and Latest Close Price next to one another lets you see if you are going up or going down.
  • Dividends shows you what you are being paid back for holding these stocks.
  • The Gains with Dividends is color-coated to make things even easier. You can quickly see your Dollar Gain from Entry Price, including Dividends. Plus, we mark it in red or green. Red means you are taking a loss. Green means you are gaining.
  • Days in SSI State helps you know how long the stock has been in its current color. So, in the photo above, the first stock was in its state for 258 dates.
    • If this stock was in the green for 258 days, it can help you know that the stock is likely safe.

Capital Gains Columns
The columns can be in any order you choose. You can refer to the second photo in this article if you want it set up how Tom has it.

What is an Income-Oriented Portfolio?

As medicine becomes more and more advanced, we are living longer and longer. When you retire, your pension or social security might not be enough to sustain your standard of living. That is where an income portfolio comes in.

These kinds of portfolios are created specifically to help you make more money. The stocks in this portfolio might be those that pay good dividends.

Which Columns Should I Include in my Income-Oriented View?

Like before, this is up to you. And, once again, Tom has certain columns that he likes to use.

This Income-Oriented portfolio takes the columns included in the Capital Gain portfolio and expands on them. You will add 3 new columns – Total Dividends, Dividend %, and Gain % w/ Dividend.

Income View

In the picture below, you can see the columns I selected.

income columns

Once again, you can order the columns however you choose. Or, you can follow how Tom has them set up from his photo just above this picture.

What is a Fundamental Portfolio?

This portfolio would be a watch portfolio. It has positions that you are not yet invested in. It will help you track how these positions are performing based on fundamental values such as EPS and P/E. Investors and analysts use these numbers to estimate whether a position would be worthwhile.

Which Columns Should I Include in my Fundamental View?

Surprise! You can pick your own columns, but Tom has some that he likes to use.

fundamentals view
TradeStops does offer more fundamental values to follow than what is in the photo above, but knowing the EV/EBITDA might not help you very much. Tom likes to use the columns above because they are easy to follow, and most investors are familiar with these terms.

fundamentals columns
The photo above shows which fundamentals Tom would include (green checked). You can also see what other fundamentals we have available to you.

We even offer Fundamental Alerts. You can read the Knowledge Base article to see how to add these alert types.

See Your Portfolios from a New Point of View

Try setting up some portfolio-specific views in TradeStops today. You might be surprised at how well your portfolio is performing and where you could do even better.


Customer Success Team