TradeStops keeps your synced portfolio up to date with your broker. This helpful tool keeps your stocks updated automatically without you needing to do the heavy-lifting.

Sometimes, errors can occur with the sync process. You broker might have new terms of service for you to agree to or another error might happen. Luckily, TradeStops makes it easy to know when your portfolio might have a problem.

The Portfolios Page

Your synced, and manual, portfolios can be found on the Portfolios tab in TradeStops. This is the first place you’ll want to come to when you first log into TradeStops.

Accessing it is easy. In the top black menu, simply click Portfolios. The list of your portfolios will appear.

Access synced portfolios

Unless you have changed the name, your portfolio name should appear with the last four digits of your account number from your broker.

How do I know if there is a problem with my synced portfolio?

The easiest way to check your portfolio is to look at the sync date column. You want this date to be either today or yesterday’s date.

Check Synced Portfolio Date

In the photo above, you can see the sync date to the right of the portfolio names. Since this article was written on December 12th, we know that the portfolios are syncing properly.

What do I do if the sync date is off?

Maybe your sync date isn’t today or yesterday’s date. That’s okay. We have an easy fix for this, and it only takes a couple steps.

To the left of your portfolio name, click the small downward pointing triangle.

Edit Synced Portfolio

Then, simply click Synchronize.

Note that if your portfolio is manual, you will not have the option to synchronize.

After you click Synchronize, another menu will appear.

Click Refresh

There are 4 options to choose from. Since your sync date being off seems to be the only problem, click Refresh. This will bring your portfolio up-to-date. This process can take a few minutes if you have numerous positions in your portfolio.

I don’t see a sync date. It just says resolve. Now what?

If there is a problem with our connection to your broker, a resolve button might appear on your Portfolio page. To fix this and make your portfolio up-to-date again, simply click Resolve.

Click Resolve

A pop-up box will appear. This will ask you to update your broker credentials. Make sure to login as you would for your broker. Don’t use anything that is typed in the boxes for you.

Enter Broker Credentials

Click the green Update button once you enter your credentials. TradeStops will then try to connect with your broker again. Just like with the refresh, this might take a few moments.

If an error occurs, we will provide you with a message and error code. Write the code down. You can learn more about some of our codes here. If you don’t see the code on this list, contact customer success at [email protected].

My sync date is fine, but I’m missing positions. Now what?

If you recently purchased or sold a position, it can take a couple days for our sync process to confirm this. You can, however, speed up the process sometimes.

Just like you would if your portfolio was out of date, you can simply try Refreshing your portfolio. Once the refresh process has been applied, go ahead and check if the position has been added or closed.

I accidentally deleted a synced position. Can I bring it back?

You might have accidentally deleted a synced position. That’s okay. We make it easy to bring that position back. You don’t even have to try and enter it manually. Just follow the easy process below!

Just like the process for refreshing your portfolio, you’ll click the downward-pointing triangle to the left of your portfolio name. Then, click Synchronize.

Click Restore

Now, just click Restore. This will bring back the position that you accidentally deleted.

If you deleted multiple positions on accident in different portfolio, you can click the white box to the right of the Restore button. This will bring back all the missing positions in the portfolios that use the same broker credentials.

I’m missing a whole portfolio. What do I do?

If you recently added a new portfolio at your broker, you will need to import that portfolio. You do not need to go through the entire sync process again if the portfolio uses the same broker credentials. You can do a simple import.

Again, click the downward-pointing triangle to the left of your portfolio name. Then, click Synchronize.

Click Import

Now, just click Import. The missing portfolio will be brought into TradeStops.

Remember, for the Import process to work, your new portfolio must have the same credentials as your original portfolio.

Your new portfolio will be pulled into TradeStops after a few moments of loading.

Check your portfolios today

To get the alerts for your positions in your synced portfolios, it’s important that your portfolio remains up-to-date. Doing so is easy, so why not check it now? Log into TradeStops, and click the Portfolios Tab. Make sure your sync date is today or yesterday’s date. If there is something wrong, just follow the steps above to fix the problem.

To your successful portfolios,

Customer Success Team