We’d like to welcome many new TradeSmith members from our Bull vs. Bear event yesterday. We’re so happy to have you as part of the family. Our TradeStops Knowledge Base and Ideas by TradeSmith Knowledge Base can help answer many of your questions. And, of course, our veteran TradeSmith family members are welcome to use these resources, too. If you missed the event, don’t worry — you can catch the replay here.

If you do a Google search of “stock tips,” you end up with over 1 million results. No one has time to go through that many stock tips, and we certainly don’t expect anyone to try. At TradeSmith, we don’t provide stock tips or advice, but we do offer a systematic way to analyze positions you’re considering.

As we’ve mentioned in our past Insider Updates, we always strive to provide the best user experience possible. That’s why we always update our products. Our latest update lets you take advantage of tips and picks from your favorite newsletters.

Let’s see how it works.


In TradeStops, you can view the open recommendations of the newsletters you subscribe to. We currently sync with more than 10 in our Newsletter Center! Once you enter your credentials for a publisher, you’ll have access to your subscribed newsletters through TradeStops.

Our newest feature might seem minor, but it can really help you. We’ve added a new column of data for your analysis that tells you whether a position recommended by a newsletter you follow is long or short. If you’re on the side of the bears in the market, you might plan on shorting your positions in the future. That means long positions wouldn’t fit into your trading plan right now. So, you can quickly scan through your newsletters using TradeStops to see if your newsletters recommend any short positions.

You may ask, however: “How can I analyze positions I already own? Is there a way to see if a newsletter recommends it? Or if it meets any of TradeSmith’s strategies?”

Well, if you subscribe to Ideas by TradeSmith, you can! Simply navigate to the Position Card Page for one of your positions, and you should see a new tab has been added. It’s the Ideas tab. This data source is pulled from our Ideas program.

new Ideas tab in TradeStops

In this tab, we’ll list the strategies that the position matches and if it’s in any of your newsletters. If you follow one of TradeSmith’s methods, like Low Risk Runners, it can be a great way to see if a position matches the criteria. Finding a match to your newsletters could even give you added confidence that a position could be a good trade.

Of course, all trades come with risk. It’s up to you to complete full research on a position before purchasing it. Our TradeStops research tools can help you get started finding a new trade, but make sure you understand all the risks before entering any new position.

To see all our latest (and past) updates, make sure to visit our What’s New page.

Ideas by TradeSmith

As many of you know, you can integrate your subscribed newsletter with Ideas by TradeSmith. We have a whole area dedicated to just newsletters. There, you can select the criteria that you’d like to use to analyze your newsletters.

Ideas strategy selection

In the screenshot above, we’d filter our results to follow the Kinetic VQ and Low Risk Runner methods. You can also choose whether you’d like your results to meet one or both strategies.

Once you’ve made your selections, Ideas by TradeSmith goes to work for you. The tool takes the picks from your newsletters and filters them through our strategies.

From there, you can click ticker symbols to get more detailed information on the Position Card Page. Previously, to return to your results from the Card Page, you had to re-enter your newsletter selection criteria. Our latest update has improved this. Now, when you hit the back button on your Browser, your selection criteria are saved. You can quickly and easily review the entirety of your results without having to enter any information again.

To see all the latest (and past) updates to Ideas by TradeSmith, make sure to visit our What’s New page.

Bulletin Board

We recently attended the Money Show, and we thank everyone who attended our speeches and met with us at our booth. Those who attend might have gotten the sense from other presentations that the 2019 market is quite bearish. Well, TradeSmith’s latest research points to gold as an uncorrelated option you might want to consider. Read his latest article to learn more.

Upcoming Training

Like we mentioned early, we’re so happy to have so many new members of the TradeSmith family. We know that there’s a lot to learn with the program. It can seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be!

Our Product Education Specialist, Marina Stroud, has set up some webinars for you. They’ll teach you how to fully utilize the program. The best part, she will be live to answer your Q&A chat questions. So, get ready for some great education and have some questions ready.

Below is our schedule of events:

Getting Started with TradeStops
Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 1 P.M. Eastern
This intermediate course teaches you all the basics of TradeStops. You’ll learn everything from syncing your portfolio to adding positions and alerts to research tools to newsletters.

Before You Log In
Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 1 P.M. Eastern
Marina walks you through the basic knowledge needed before you log into your TradeStops account and where to find educational resource information.

How Do I Navigate the Site?
Thursday, Feb. 21 at 1 P.M. Eastern
This training session goes over navigating the TradeStops site: Welcome, Positions & Alerts, Portfolios, Research, and Newsletters.

How to Edit Portfolios and Positions
Friday, Feb. 22 at 1 P.M. Eastern
Marina will review how to add and edit portfolios and positions, how to add alerts and how to create templates, and review the Volatility Quotient and Stock State Indicators (Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light).

Signing Off…

Analyzing stock tips can seem like a daunting task. As we mentioned, a Google search brings back over 1 million results. TradeSmith, however, can take away some of the stress.

Our newsletter area in TradeStops can help you determine if a trade is right for you if you’re looking for long or short positions. Our Position Card Page can provide further research, telling you if an individual position matches TradeSmith’s strategies and is in any of your newsletters.

Ideas by TradeSmith lets you put our technical analysis to work for you. Simply select the newsletters and the strategies, and the tool will do the rest.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our email is [email protected]. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. — 5 p.m. Eastern at 866-385-2076.

Until next time,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team