With the recent turbulent markets, it’s important to keep a close watch on your investments. That way, you won’t stay in losing positions for too long, and you won’t leave winning positions too early.

TradeStops makes tracking and watching your positions easy. Besides just getting your alerts, you can customize the information that you see in the program about how your positions are performing.

Let’s login and check on your positions.

Alerts View

You can view the alerts for your positions from the Alerts tab in TradeStops.

alerts tab in TradeStops

Make sure that there is a blue line under the word “Alerts” to ensure that you’re on the Alerts tab.

This is a great place to check on the status of your alerts. For example, in the photo above, we can see that Bristol-Myers, BMY, recently entered the Green Zone. We can also see that Disney, DIS, has been solidly in the red for over 7 months.

Why Are There Duplicate Positions on This Page?

You may have noticed that some of your positions are listed twice on this page. There’s no need to be alarmed! It simply means that you have multiple alerts set for your position.

alert view showing two alerts for BMY

If you have the Alert Description column active for your Alerts View, then you’ll know which alert is set. In the photo above, you can see that we have two BMY alerts – an SSI and VQ.

Also note that you don’t need to set multiple SSI alerts on each position. One SSI alert will cover all 5 states that the SSI can go through.

How Can I Customize the Alerts View?

There’s a plethora of information available on the Alerts View beyond just the basics. Adding custom columns of data can help you get the bigger picture of where your positions stand relative to TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms.

On the right side of the Alerts tab, you should see your Alerts Views.

Alerts views

The active view is in gray. You can edit the active view by clicking the small pencil to the right of the view’s name. To switch to another view, just click the view’s name. If you want to add a new view, click the “Add View” button. On smaller screens, this will appear as a + sign.

Once you choose to edit or add a new view, a list of options will appear.

Alert view options

Any of the options with a green check mark are included in your view. If you want to add another column, simply click the white box to make it active. If you want to remove a column, simply click the green check mark.

Below these options, you’ll see a live preview of the view you’re creating.

Live preview of alerts view

If you don’t like the order that the columns are in, just drag and drop them to a new location. The live preview will automatically update to your preference. Please note that the Actions, Status, SSI, VQ, and Symbols columns cannot be moved.

Once you have things how you like it, save your view!

On the top of the view editor, you should see an area to name and save your customized view.

alert name saving

Try to give the alert view a memorable name. This way, you’ll know which data you’ll see by switching to the view in the future. If you click the green Save button, it will save any changes that you’ve made to an existing view. If you click Save as New, it will create a brand-new view.

What If I Made a View I Don’t Like?

If there’s a view that you don’t like, that’s okay. Too much information isn’t always a good thing and can get overwhelming. You can simply delete the view.

First, select the view that you don’t like. Then, click the pencil icon to edit it. To the right of your view name (or below it for smaller screens), there is a Delete View button.

delete view button

Just click this button to delete the view. A confirmation page will appear before you delete the view. Please note that once a view is deleted, it cannot be brought back.

Check Your Alert Views Today

With TradeStops, we want you to be your own investor. The TradeStops alerts can help you know where your positions are in relation to TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms. Login and check on your alerts tab today to see just how your positions are doing in this turbulent market.

Until next time,

Customer Success Team