TradeStops helps you to know what to do with your stocks and options. Each day you can receive alerts about your positions. You would not want to miss an alert if it was telling you your stock was behaving poorly, would you?

That’s why it’s so important to add us to your email contacts. We will go over how to do that for various email providers today.

First Things First – Email Alert Settings

You can tell the TradeStops system when you would like to receive an alert. This is especially helpful if you do not want to receive alerts at night.

To do this, click your name in the upper right corner of the TradeStops program. Then, click Settings.

Balance your portfolio with the risk rebalancer

You are then brought to the settings section. On the left side of the page, there is a menu. Click Notifications.

Balance your portfolio with the risk rebalancer

Now you can edit when you want to receive alerts.

Toward the bottom of the Notification page, you should see a section titled “Notification Availability.”

Balance your portfolio with the risk rebalancer
First, make sure that it displays the correct time zone for you. If you notice that it is incorrect, click on the box, and a list will appear. Simply click on your time zone from within that list.

Next, move the small gray boxes in the Time Range section to the left or right. Above the little gray boxes, you should see a time. This is when TradeStops can send you an alert. In the photo above, for example, this user would receive alerts from 8AM Eastern until 10PM Eastern.

Finally, click Save. This ensures that any changes you made will be Saved and used from this point on.

What is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting means that you add our email to your email contacts. This lets your email provider know that you trust us, and you want to receive emails from us. Otherwise, email providers might block us… and you could miss an alert about your positions.

Now, we’ll go over whitelisting some of the most popular email providers.

Whitelisting Gmail

If you’re using Google’s Gmail for email, you can ensure that your email is delivered to your inbox by either adding the sending address to your contacts list or by marking any incorrectly filed email as “Not Spam.”

Method 1
Open the latest issue of the email you want to whitelist.

Click the “More” link. It’s a small gray down arrow next to the date and time stamp on the email.

When the extra options are visible, click “Add Sender to Contacts List.”

Method 2
Alternatively, you can just send an email to [email protected], and that will add the address to your contacts list automatically.

If one of your emails has been filtered into the spam folder, you can prevent that from ever happening again:

  • First, click on the “Spam” link to open your spam folder
  • Then, click on the wrongly-filtered email to open it
  • Click the “Not Spam” button on the top of the email (right next to “Delete Forever”)

Whitelisting Yahoo

To ensure your email alerts are delivered to your Yahoo Inbox (not the bulk mail or junk mail folder), you can instruct Yahoo to filter it to your Inbox.

Here’s how:

    • Open your Yahoo mailbox
    • First, click “Help,” the wheel on the far-right side next to your name
    • Next, click “Settings”
    • Then, click “Filters”
    • Click “Add.”
    • Give the filter a name
    • In the top row labeled “From,” make sure “Contains” is selected in the pull-down menu
    • Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter this address in the “From” line: [email protected]
  • It is also good to add [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], se[email protected][email protected], and
  • At the bottom, where it says, “Move the message to:” select “Inbox” from the pull-down menu
    Click “Save Changes”

Whitelisting AOL

There are two methods for AOL.

If you’re using AOL, you can ensure that your email alerts are delivered to your Inbox by setting your mail controls. Here’s how:

  • Once you’re in your Inbox, go to “Options” (under your username on the far right)
  • Select “Mail Settings”
  • Click “Filters and Alerts”
  • Click “Create Filter”
  • Give the filter a name
  • In the “From” line, enter this address: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can just send an email to TradeStops, and that will add us to your “People I Know” list automatically:

  • Open your latest TradeStops email
  • Copy the address in the “From” line, which is [email protected]
  • A new email window opens with the wrong address in the “Send to” box
  • Replace the address in the “Send to” box with the one you copied out of the “From” line
  • Click “Send”

Even if the email you send doesn’t get through to us (for whatever reason), the act of sending it does the job of putting TradeStops into your “People I Know” list, and that’s what counts.

It is also good to send an email to:

Whitelisting Hotmail

If an existing email from the sender hasn’t already been trapped in your junk folder, you can manually add him to your Safe List.

Click on “Options” in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen, then click the link for “Safe and Blocked Senders” in the body of the page under Junk e-mail.

Click the “Safe Senders” link

Click “Add” to put it on your list.

Whitelisting Comcast
If you want to receive our emails and your alerts, please add us to your Comcast contacts.

Whitelisting Outlook

Many popular email programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape Mail, do not provide a convenient way for you to whitelist email senders.

You can do something about it though. This ensures you will get your email alerts now and in the future.

Contact the customer service department or the postmaster at the company that provides your email or Internet connection (ISP).

Explain to them that the service you subscribe to sends you email alerts. Ask them if they can whitelist our email addresses.

Add Us Now

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