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Chat – Part Two

Back in December, we introduced the Chat feature. Many people have been taking advantage of this useful tool, but there are even more advantages that the chat can offer you that you might have missed.

Let’s Review

Let’s say that you are in the program, and you are a little confused about what something means. You don’t want to call, and you don’t want to send an email. You have an alternative!

Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner.


Once you start a chat, you will be connected with an agent.


The agent is able to see exactly where you are in the program. This will allow them to direct you exactly where you need to go in the program to solve your problem and answer your questions.


How Do I Close Chat?

Once you have your answer from the customer service agent, you might want to close the chat window. It might get in your way of viewing some data. This is easy to do.

At the top of the chat box, there is a little horizontal line. If you click on the line, it will minimize the chat window and be out of your way.


How Can I Get a Copy of My Chat?

The customer service agent may walk you through a process-such as updating your credentials for your brokerage site. You might want to save that data. Rather than writing it all down, you can email the Chat transcript to yourself.

  1. In the bottom of the chat box, click on Options.
  2. Click Email Transcript
  3. Type in the Email where you want to send the Transcript
  4. Click Send


You Can Send a File

You might describe something a little different than how the program describes it. There is no problem with this; it works for you! Your terminology might confuse the agent though. There’s nothing to worry about. You can send a picture to the agent of what you are looking at.

  1. Click on Options
  2. Click on Send a File
  3. Select the Photo from your computer, and it will be sent to the agent


(Please note that you would have to take a screenshot of the area first!)

Please Keep in Mind

While our Customer Service Agents are happy to answer any of your questions, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

  • Our agents are not financial advisors. They cannot tell you to buy or sell a position.
  • If you notice a calculation error, please note that our chat agents cannot make the calculations for you. Please call us or send us an email.
  • Our agents cannot process new orders or cancellations. Please call us at 866-385-2076. Our Call Center is open 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern.
  • It is best to use chat for simple questions. If your question is complicated, please send an email to

Chat Can Help You

We hope that the chat feature will help you with your TradeStops program. The more help you receive, the more knowledge you gain, and knowledge is power.

To Smarter Investing,

TradeStops Customer Success Team

What is this Flag?

In the high-speed world of NASCAR, there are various flags to tell the drivers when to pay attention. In the high-speed world of investing here at TradeStops, we also use flags.

In racing, a red flag would indicate a stop. The driver should stop his car so he doesn’t get hurt. A green flag would tell him that the race is starting and he is good to go. We use the same concept.

What are the Flags?

Flags are a call to action. They let you know that you have to do something.

When you synchronize with your online broker, your positions will automatically be pulled into the TradeStops system. When our system detects new positions, it will notify you with a green flag in the Status column of the Positions & Alerts tab.

Sometimes, our system will have trouble detecting your positions at your brokerage. We will alert you of this via email, and you will see a red flag on your Positions & Alerts tab.

Can I organize these Flags?

It might be a little confusing if you see a bunch of red and green flags all bunched together. It could become difficult to keep track of which position is green flagged and which is red flagged.

It is super easy to organize your positions based on their flags!

    1. When you are on the Positions & Alerts tab, locate the Positions sub-tab.
    2. Locate the green Add Position button.
    3. Directly to the right of the Add Position button will be the word Status.
    4. Click on the word All, and a drop-down box will appear.

a. If you see the green or red flag in the drop-down, this means that some of your positions have either a green or red flag. (If you don’t see any flags, you have no problem, and you are good to go!)

  1. Just click on the flag from the drop down, and your positions will be organized based on the flag.

(Green Flag organization)
(Red Flag organization)

What do I do with a Green Flag?

When you see that your position has a green flag, this means it is newly synchronized. You will want to make sure that all of the data came through for your position such as an entry date and entry price.

If your position is missing data, simply click on the edit pencil icon to the left of the ticker symbol.

You can read more about editing positions here.

What do I do with a Red Flag?

As mentioned before, our sync process might not pick up on positions from your brokerage. If this is the case, you will see a red flag.

If the flagged position is one that you closed, you will have the option to manually close it. Just click on the triangle to the left of the ticker symbol, and then click close.

If the red flagged position is active in your brokerage account, leave it alone. We may pick up the data again. If it remains red flagged for 7 days, contact us at 866-385-2076. Our customer service team will be happy to help you Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM -5:00 PM EST.

Follow the Flags and Win!

Just like Dale Earnhardt Jr. follows racing flags to cross the finish line in first, you too should use our flag system to come in first in investing. Start your engines on green and stop on red!

To your 1st place investments,

Customer Success Team

You’re Stopped Out. Now What?

You just imported your positions from your brokerage. As you look through your positions, you notice that some of them are stopped out based on the Stock State Indicators (SSI). This upsets you because you like some of those positions. Don’t despair! You can still invest in your position even if it is in the red zone.

Let’s look at an example

You are invested in Silver Wheaton (SLW), and you notice that it is stopped out. You decide to investigate further, and click on the ticker symbol from the Positions & Alerts page.

This brings you to the Position Card page. You notice that SLW is NOT stopped out based on the Volatility Quotient (VQ%).

(You can tell if something is stopped out based on the VQ% when the VQ box is highlighted purple.)

At this point, you could set up a VQ% alert on the position. This would allow you to stay in the position until it hits its VQ Stop Price.

(Click to enlarge picture)

How Do I Add an Alert?

The process of adding an alert is easy, and it takes only a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the Positions & Alerts page in your TradeStops program.
  2. Locate the Actions column on the far left side of the page.
  3. Check the white box in the Actions column to the left of the position you want to add the VQ alert to.
  4. On the bottom of the page, click Add Alert.

  5. In the pop-up window, click on the drop down box. Select “VQ Trailing Stop,” and then click Add.

  6. You will now be alerted when SLW gets stopped out based on the VQ%.

Keep in Mind

You may not want to invest too heavily in your red positions because it may throw off your portfolio balance. Be sure that you take an equal risk per position. This means having more money invested in your conservative stocks and less money in your riskier stocks.

If you want to read more about investing in the Red Zone, please revisit Dr. Smith’s editorial from January 10th here.

Stay Safe

If you decide to stay in a stopped out position, keep in mind that there could be a potential loss. The VQ% will do its best to safeguard you against any further losses. So long as you follow the stop out strategies, you will find yourself as a successful investor.

To Your Successful Investing,

Customer Success Team

Get the Help You Need

The new year brings new resolutions-get healthier, lose weight, spend more time with the family, make more money. While we cannot improve your health, trim your waistline, or create more free time for you to spend with the family, we can help you with your investments. This is done by fully utilizing the suite of tools we have developed here at TradeStops so you can make more and risk less.

TradeStops provides several ways to answer any questions you have about getting the most out of your subscription. You can call the customer service center, use the chat feature, or send an email using Usersnap!

Our useful Help Center can also answer many of your questions with just a few simple clicks.

Accessing the Help Center in TradeStops is easy.

1. After logging into the program, locate your name in the top right of the program. It will say “Hi, (your name).” In this case, we will use “Hi, Beverly” as an example.


2. Directly to the left of “Hi, Beverly,” you will notice the word “Help.” This is our Help Center. If you have your screen minimized, it may just look like a soccer ball.


3. Clicking the word “Help” will bring you to the home page of the Help Center.


Our Help Center will open as a new window. When you are done using the Help Center, simply close the page, and you will be brought back to your TradeStops program.

How do I navigate the Help Center?

There are several options available for navigating the Help Center.

  • Use the topic guidelines on the top of the page
  • Use the search bar
  • Watch a webinar

Topic Guidelines

The topic guidelines can be found at the top of the page in the Help Center. They have trigger words to guide you to the answer you are looking for. If you hover over one of these words, more topics will display to help guide you to your answer. Simply click on the subject that interests you, and the Help Center will direct you there.


Use the Search Bar


ProductFeat2017_Jan12_06.png(Click to view full image)

Please note that you can access the search bar from anywhere in the Help Center. It will be on the top of the page and look like a long, white oval with a blue magnifying glass.


Watch a Webinar

From the home page in the Help Center, click on the blue ball that says “Webinars.”


A new page will display. On the right side of the page, click Previous Webinars. This will bring up all of the webinars the Help Center contains.

ProductFeat2017_Jan12_09.png(Click to view full image)

Once you have the list of webinars pulled up, you can select a topic that interests you and watch the video. You’ll want to have a pen and notepad to take notes to increase your understanding of the TradeStops system.

Make the Help Center your New Year’s Resolution

Of those Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions, only 9.2% will achieve their resolution. Don’t be part of the statistic! Use the Help Center to improve your understanding of the TradeStops program, and make more while risking less in 2017.

To New Year’s Resolutions,
Customer Success Team

Dividends and Splits and SpinOffs, Oh My!

Corporate actions-they impact your investment strategy, your shares, your price, and much more. In this article, we will go into detail about how TradeStops adjusts for these corporate actions.

Dividends and Stock Dividends

Dividends are treated as returns on equity. This means the markets adjust for dividend distribution. Furthermore, in order to maintain your preferred trailing stop percentage, the entry price and historical high prices must also be adjusted for the same reason.

In TradeStops, we employ the use of an adjustment multiplier. Dividend multipliers are calculated based on the dividend as a percentage of the price, primarily to avoid negative historical pricing (which would occur eventually if the amount of each dividend was simply subtracted from the entry price over time).

Here’s a link with more details on adjusting for dividends.

Stock Dividends
A stock dividend is a dividend payment made in the form of additional shares, rather than a cash payout.

TradeStops will adjust prices by stock dividends (the same as we do for splits). If you enter a position which you have purchased in the past and there were any stock dividends since the purchase, then following formula will be applied:

So… how are my Trailing Stop impacted?
Let’s take example of NLY, Annaly Capital Management, as an example.

The value of the high closing price is absolutely critical to where your trailing stop loss is. If you’re using a 25% trailing stop, for example, on NLY and you bought NLY in December 2013, you will have a very different stop loss point if you use unadjusted historical prices than you will if you use adjusted historical prices.

If your stop loss is 25% below the unadjusted high of $11.92, then your stop is at $8.94.

On the other hand, if you’re using adjusted prices for calculating your stop loss points, then your 25% trailing stop is calculated from the adjusted high of $10.06. Your stop is at $7.55.



Splits occur on stocks if the company wishes to lower the cost per share to make the stock more attractive to investors. When this happens, the number of shares increases, but the price per share is reduced. Reverse splits can also occur to increase the price per share.

So…how are my positions impacted?
TradeStops will adjust Entry Price / Shares accordingly in TradeStops for all positions (both manual and synched). The behavior will depend on what data is returned from our data provider (whether the portfolio is updated before or after brokerage has handled the split).

For manual positions, you have two choices. If you know the adjusted entry price and share number, enter that information, and select “Already adjusted by splits, stock dividends, and spinoffs.” If you do not know the adjusted information, enter the pre-split information, and select “Please adjust by splits, stock dividends, and spinoffs.”



A spinoff is the creation of an independent company through the sale or distribution of new shares of an existing business or division of a parent company.

TradeStops will also adjust your Cost Basis by the spinoff and add a manual position for the spinoff company automatically with a weighted Entry Price. Your gains calculations will correctly reflect the spinoff adjustment.

Once again, here’s the link for more details on adjusting for dividends.

So…how would a spinoff impact my position?
The parent company often has some sort of adjustment made to the entry price which TradeStops will do automatically. We only add the spinoff stock if you had the parent company already added when the spinoff occurred.

If you enter a position manually that had a spinoff since you purchased it, you will need to use the same drop down that you did for splits so Tradestops will adjust for it.

Please note that in the case where you enter a position that had a spinoff previously, we will not add the spinoff stock (new company). You would need to add both manually.

To more profits in 2017,

TradeStops Success Team

Get Answers Faster with New “Feedback” Feature

A little while ago, we sent you an article explaining our exciting chat feature. Many of you have taken advantage of this and have been chatting with our agents.

Let’s say it’s after hours, though, or that you don’t want to use the chat feature. You would rather send us an email to explain the problem. Well, you can do that right from inside the program too!

It’s called Usersnap, and you’ll find it by clicking Feedback.

Usersnap: Fun and Handy
To start using the Usersnap email, just click the Feedback button. You will find it in the bottom right corner of your TradeStops program.


This will display the Usersnap dialog box where you can write an email and include a screenshot.


(Please note that a Title is required)

Including a screenshot is very easy.

  1. A crosshair will appear in place of your mouse pointer after clicking Feedback.
  2. Click, hold, and drag across the area that you want to take a picture of.
  3. After you take the picture, you can mark it up with the Highlight tool.


4. Simply click send, and the information will be sent to a customer service agent.


Please Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Our agents are not financial advisors. They cannot give you financial advice.
    They can explain aspects of the program, though.
  • Cancellations and upgrades cannot be processed through email for security purposes.
    Please give us a call at 866-385-2076 instead.
  • We may not answer your email immediately.
    Our agents will do their best to answer your email within 48 hours.
    If you want an immediate answer, please call us or chat with us.

Usersnap is here for you
Try using Usersnap today. See how you like it and how easy it is to send us a screenshot of the problem you are encountering or the question you have. We think you’ll like it.

Until next time,
TradeStops Customer Success Team

We Have a Present for You – A New Feature!

Who said that presents are only for the kids during the holiday season? Our elves have been hard at work developing a new present especially for you to help with your investment strategies. What is this new present all nestled with care in the TradeStops program? It’s the Copy Position feature.

How Does It Work?
This new feature will let you copy any position (even a synchronized position) and move it to a different portfolio. The process is simple.

  1. Go to the Positions and Alerts tab within TradeStops.
  2. Click the little white box to the left of the position you want to copy.
  3. Click copy.


4. Select the portfolio where you want to move the portfolio.


(Note: You won’t be able to move a position to a synchronized portfolio.)

Why Should I Copy a Position?
There are numerous reasons to copy a position. We will discuss some examples here, but we are sure that you will come up with even more unique ways to use this new tool.

Let’s say that you want to organize your positions based on the SSI colors. This would be very easy to do. You would simply make three portfolios, one for each color. After doing that, you could copy your positions into this color-coded system.

You could also organize your positions by the VQ%. You could create four portfolios for low, medium, high, and sky-high risk. This would let you easily keep track of which of your positions carry more risk than others.


Different Purchase Lots? No problem!
How do you show the correct cost basis when you’ve made multiple purchases of the same stock and the sync feature won’t do it? Use the copy feature! With the “copy position” feature, you can duplicate the stock and show the respective cost basis with the entry price, entry date, and shares in a dedicated portfolio.

Use it for Research
Many of our customers employ our tagging feature. This is a quick way to organize your positions across different portfolios. The problem with this? You cannot organize your positions based on tags when you use our Risk Rebalancer.

This is where the copy position feature comes in.

Let’s say you have positions in gold and silver in two different portfolios, and you want to rebalance based on gold and silver separately.

The copy position feature will let you organize the gold and silver positions into two portfolios – one for gold and one for silver. From there, you could use the Rebalancer based on gold and silver, separately.


The Possibilities Are Endless
The “copy position” feature is super versatile. You will be able to use it any number of ways to improve your investment strategies and management. We hope that you enjoy this present from our elf team. Be on the lookout for new improvements. We always strive to improve our system for you. Happy holidays!


TradeStops Success Team

“Hello. Chat is here to Help!”

You may have noticed something a little different with your TradeStops program recently. It’s a little blue button in the bottom right corner of your program. That little blue button? It connects you directly with a knowledgeable TradeStops agent who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

How Does It Work?
Let’s say that you are in the program, and you are a little confused about what something means. You don’t want to call, and you don’t want send an email. You have an alternative!

Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner.


Once you start a chat, you will be connected with an agent.


The agent is able to see exactly where you are in the program. This will allow them to direct you exactly where you need to go in the program to solve your problem and answer your questions.

In addition, seeing your location eliminates any confusion. You might have your own unique term to help you remember the Stock State Indicator. Even using your own terminology, the agent would be able to help you.

My Problem is Complicated; What Do I Do?
Let’s say that you were trying to sync with your portfolio, and you got an error message. You don’t know what that error message means, but you want to know. This is an easy process.

  1. Take a snap shot of the error message using something like the Snipping Tool or a Screen Shot
  2. Save the picture file to your computer
  3. Click and hold the picture file to drag and drop it into chat


(We used a photo here just as an easy example)

Keep in Mind
As with anything in life, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

  • Our agents are not financial advisors. They cannot tell you to buy or sell a position. They can, however, answer questions on how the program works.
  • Our agents cannot process cancellations or upgrades over chat for security purposes. Please give us a call at 866-385-2076.
  • Our agents are available from 9:00-5:00PM EST. If no one is available to answer your chat, you can leave a message.

Chat is here to Save the Day!
We are here to help you. Chat will enable you to get quick and efficient answers from our helpful customer service agents without having to wait very long. Just know that we are here for you and are striving to continually improve our system.


TradeStops Success Team

Be in Control – Duplicate Your Portfolios

Here’s an exciting new release for you…the ability to create a copy of any of your portfolios. Now you will have even more control over your account and investment strategies.

This added feature will allow you to customize your copied portfolios, move positions to different portfolios, run analyses, manually close positions, and much more!

How to make a copy
You can make a copy of your portfolio from the portfolio tab inside the TradeStops program.

The process is simple.

Just select the portfolio that you want to copy, click “Duplicate”, fill out the pop up box, and click “Save”.

A new pop-up box will display on your screen as shown below.


You will fill out the information in this box. Make sure that the new name you use is unique so you will remember that it is a copy. You will also have to decide if you want this copied portfolio to be a Watch Only portfolio or an Investment portfolio.

When you are happy with the information that you have entered, click save, and your newly copied portfolio will be made.

Go for it!

Now that you have made your copied portfolio, go ahead and discover all of the available possibilities and freedom that it allows you. Stay tuned for another article that will walk you through some examples about what this new function can do for you.


TradeStops Success Team

You just became a smarter investor…

“Start strong, finish strong.”

Going back to our introduction of the Risk Rebalancer in late 2015 and all throughout 2016, TradeStops’ product development team has scored some major wins for our subscribers.

Next up:

The new Stock Analyzer.

The Stock Analyzer isn’t a completely new feature. Instead, it’s a major upgrade to the Stop Loss Analyzer.

With this upgrade, Dr. Smith asked his engineers and developers to do three things.

  • Allow our users to create a more individualized screen
  • Provide more information within a single view
  • Make that information more accessible without causing “cognitive overload”

To access the Stock Analyzer, log into your TradeStops Account, and click on “Research” from the main menu.

That should take you to the Stock Analyzer, but if not, click on the “Stock Analyzer” tab just below the main menu. (It’s the same path you were taking to the Stop Loss Analyzer.)

You’ll then be asked to enter a ticker symbol and an entry date. The Stock Analyzer defaults to the current date. If you already own the position, you’ll want to enter your purchase date.

Then click the “Analyze” button.

Right away, you’ll notice several differences.

To highlight those, here is a screenshot of the old “Stock Analyzer.” (Click image to expand.)


And here’s the newly enhanced “Stock Analyzer.” (Click image to expand.)


As compared to the Stop Loss Analyzer, you will see that the newly improved Stock Analyzer provides you with much more information. It’s also much more intuitive and allows many customizations so you see the information that best fits your investing philosophy.

Here are a few things to look for as you test out this new tool…

We’ve updated some of the naming conventions in the SSI.

The “SSI Low Risk Zone” is now referred to as the “SSI Yellow Zone.” We’ve also added the “Entry Signal,” to make it easier to understand what TradeStops is saying about the state of the stock you’re researching.

Along the left of the screen, you have the ability to activate or deactivate indicators such as the SSI Yellow Zone, SSI Stop Loss, and other lines as well as Events such as the Entry Signal and SSI event indicators.

You can also show or hide the Volume, Historical Volatility, and Price charts with the click of your mouse.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Next week we will take a deeper dive into the features of the new stock analyzer.

We encourage you to take it for a test drive. And we welcome any comments you have.

And in keeping with our “Finish strong” attitude, we’ve got one or two more things in store for you before the year is over. Stay tuned!


TradeStops Success Team