Be your own advisor.

Our proprietary algorithms tell you exactly how much “noise” or “volatility” is in a stock. This valuable information allows you to adjust your investment sizes, take comfortable risks, and un-limit your gains. You can do it; we can help.

Invest comfortably.

Being in your comfort zone as an investor equals higher gains. An investor who knows what s/he is doing isn’t likely to get whipsawed by the occasional market storm. Our automated system will track your stocks and alert you when the time is right to make a change.

Enjoy Investing!

You don’t need a robot to manage your portfolio. TradeStops helps you to smartly manage your own portfolio, un-limiting your gains and limiting your risk, while keeping the thrill of the market. Make more money by taking less risk.

Master market risk and build real wealth with:

  1. Portfolio Tracking
  2. Powerful Alerts
  3. Easy Insights
  4. Big Profits
  5. First Class Support

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We offer three service packages to meet your needs:

Core Position Tracking

The simplest solution for mastering market risk and building real wealth in the financial markets through portfolio tracking, simple and volatility-based trailing stops.

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Turbo-Charge Individual Stocks

All the power of  TradeStops Basic plus access to Dr. Smith’s most advanced proprietary algorithms and premium alert services.

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Turbo-Charge Portfolio

Access the features of TradeStops Plus along with the Risk Rebalancer, so you can analyze an entire portfolio and identify where your weak spots might be.

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Over time, using these dynamic trailing stops means better returns. The change will be small from trade to trade. But over time, it should lead to a major improvement…I believe it will improve our gains over the coming years with nearly zero effort.

Steve Sjuggerud
Editor - True Wealth

Dr. Smith came up with a formula for the perfect stops. They vary from as little as 10% to as much as 80%. Using these “smart stops” improves your returns. Richard tested and back-tested. And he proved that trailing stops work.

Bill Bonner
Founder - Agora, Inc.

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