The investor's chief problem - and even his worst enemy - is likely to be himself.

- Benjamin Graham, mentor of Warren Buffett

Trust math & push fear aside

Emotions like fear, regret, and greed cause investors to leave money on the table or, even worse, lose much, much more than they should. The TradeStops algorithm helps protect you against these destructive emotions and harness your good emotions for investing.

Let our alerts guide the way

Research shows that investors tend to sell their winners too soon, and hold on to their losers much too long. TradeStops alerts are designed to help you make smarter decisions and avoid the temptation to abandon your winners too soon, and stick with losers too long.

It’s in good hands – yours

Taking control of your investing means making decisions based on data and discipline, not gut feelings. TradeStops puts the investment tools, analytics and critical alerts in your hands, to help you better manage the performance of your portfolio.

Work around your biases

Investors tend to trust information that support the things they already believe, and ignore information that contradicts those beliefs. TradeStops helps evaluate data more effectively, without bias, to help you make smarter decisions.

How TradeStops helps you make more and risk less

Using TradeStops to alert you when the market turns, could have helped you beat the S&P 500 Index by 2 to 1!

How TradeStops fits into your trading strategy

Decide what to track

Sync your portfolios or manually enter your investments (or “stocks to watch”). We help you analyze what to watch, what to buy, how much to buy and what to avoid. Then, we monitor it daily for you.

We alert you when it may be time to take action

Based on our proprietary algorithms and your personal settings, we alert you via text, email and/or online when there is a change in your positions. Learn more.

Follow a disciplined strategy of when to act

TradeStops tools can help you follow a disciplined strategy in an effort to make smarter decisions based on proven data – not your gut, expert predictions or even your past experience.

Calibrate returns

Aim for superior returns while lowering risk. “Right-size” your investments by deploying more capital in stocks with less risk. Capitalize on more speculative investments while managing downside exposure.

Overcome emotion and market noise with an algorithm-based system supported by Nobel Prize-winning insights.

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